Math 100 now available on Google Play…

“Math 100” is a re-branded version of “Maths Basics Facts Classroom Edition” aimed at the North America market.


Make maths fun with Math 100. Math 100 is an interactive app that helps students practice and develop their basic maths skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Students can test themselves and race the clock to answer as many questions as they can within a set time limit.

Designed with busy teachers in mind by making tests more fun for your students and less work for you. There’s no need to print out pages of tests and no need to spend hours marking them – Math 100 does it for you! The app can store profiles for up to 30 students.

– 100 questions generated in random order
– Ability to skip questions to come back to later
– Finishes with a detailed report card to help kids learn from their results
– Kids can try and improve with a self-test for up to four incorrectly answered questions
– Designed for up to 30 students

Suitable for all ages.

Addition: 25 questions, up to 16 + 11.
Subtraction: 25 questions, up to 16 – 11
Multiplication: 25 questions, up to 10 × 10
Division: 25 questions, up to 100 ÷ 10